This stunning 10yr old pony is looking for an experienced loan home. He is happy to hack and also work in the school but won't now jump. Can be spooky, so needs confident rider. Good to catch, shoe (shod in front). Can live out all year. No laminitis/sweet itch. Hacks out alone or in company, but can be scared of large lorries/tractors if he feels hemmed in, prefers to give scary things a wide berth!
He had an operation for 'kissing spines' 18 months ago so would not be suitable for a full-on competitive home. Would show in hand or possibly ridden. PBA and fantastic bloodlines, moves beautifully.
He is very affectionate, does not kick, bite, or even pull nasty faces and will stand and be groomed all day.
Currently won't travel in trailer (has done for 7 years, but now not happy to do so!)
Needs more time than I can give him, I have 2 other ponies and he is too big and full of himself for me. I am a tiny 4ft 10 mum and I perch on top! Previously did all pony club activities with son, now going to uni. This pony deserves more time than I can give and may well come back into full work with the right rider. Loan or loan with view to buy

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